In order to be relevant in Internet Marketing today, you have to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge. The Academy of Internet Marketing provides you with the platform and online learning management system to achieve that.

  • The Course material is divided into separate courses, modules and lessons to make it convenient and break it down into managable chunks
  • New course material added on a frequent basis
  • Once a member is registered and a course is purchased, the content of the course will appear in the menu section My Courses
  • You will need access to a broadband internet connection to be able to view the video course material
  • Payments can be done through your PayPal account or using your Credit card payments via the secure PayPal Gateway available for all major currencies or via the Payfast Gateway for South African users paying in ZAR
  • Please note the prices quoted per course, is a one time membership fee to access that course for a period as specified (usually 12 months)


Facebook Fan Page Dollars eBook




List of Courses

Course Series A:





Video Series Tutorial Pack course 1: Step by Step Video Tutorials 

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 2: How To Video Basics For Newbies

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 3: How To Quick Marketing Videos

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 4:  Easy Video Lessons

Video Series Tutorial Pack course  5: How To Setup WordPress Videos

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 6:  How To Create WordPress Membership Website FREE

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 7: How To List Building Videos

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 8: How To Create Video Sales Letters

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 9:  How To Host Your Own Webinar Training Videos

Video Series Tutorial Pack course 10:  Sales and Marketing Tips Videos

Course Series B:

Facebook Marketing Course


Facebook Marketing Course – divided into 20 video Lessons



Course Series C:

How to sell shirts online

Gold Video Riches Course Series 1 – divided into 15 Modules and 72 video Lessons


Course Series D:

How to sell shirts online

 Gold Video Riches Course Series 2 – divided into 18 Modules and 58 video Lessons




Course Series E:

Academy of Internet Marketing

Online Success Blueprint




Online Video Training Workshop

Online Success Blueprint Workshop presentened by Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey

Academy of |Internet Marketing